SEPTEMBER 2018

    Katherine Wood Solo
    Exhibition Opening – 7th Sept 5 -8pm
    Exhibition Dates – September 5th - 26th

    The artwork of Katherine Wood can best be described as ‘abstract imaginings’ which stride the divide between traditional landscape and contemporary abstraction.

    Katherine’s canvases are a battleground of manipulated and scraped textures that reflect a powerful energy with paint. The landscapes are abstracts of her imagination that are representative of no specific time frame, place or reality but rather a general energy or spirit of place and time. This allows one’s own imagination and interpretation to come into play.


    OCTOBER 2018

    Gemma Lynch-Memory Solo
    'Charkras - Maps of Meaning' exhibition
    Exhibition Opening – 5th October 5 -8pm
    Exhibition Dates – October 3rd - 24th

    Inside Gemma Lynch-Memory’s studio is a quiet reverence broken only by the sounds of the careful application of her creative process. Spanning almost two decade and over 25 solo exhibitions, it’s a process as introspective and individual as the artist herself. Her actions are purposeful and convey a sense of urgency as she seeks to capture the essence of ephemeral inspiration. There is a constant referencing to an open journal of sketched ideas and musings that form the seeds of creative conception. But it is only during the actual application of paint on canvas that her subconscious concepts emerge and bloom.


    November 2018

    Jenny Green Exhibition
    Exhibition Opening – tba
    Exhibition Dates – November 7th - 28th

    Jenny Green’s sculptures are typically abstract and usually influenced by the figure. While the media she uses (steel, bronze and resin) may be industrial, her sculptures are light and airy. Her intent to capture an instant or a feeling is reflected in the tension between space and material. She uses lines, curves, shapes and colour to explore movement and emotion. The results are lyrical yet industrial, ‘drawings in space’.





    November 2018

    Rebecca Pierce Exhibition
    Exhibition Opening – tba
    Exhibition Dates – November 7th - 28th

    Rebecca Pierce is a practicing Artist and Designer. 
    In 2001, after nearly twenty years involved in the fashion, design and licensing fields, Rebecca started painting and exhibiting on a full time basis. Rebecca has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas. She has been a finalist in major art prizes including the Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize, the Mosman Art Prize, the Heysen Prize, the Fishers Ghost Art Prize, the Hawkesbury Art Prize, the Hunters Hill Art Prize, the ANL Maritime Art Prize and the Willoughby Art Prize. Rebecca’s work is represented in corporate and private collections in Australia and Internationally.